Is crypto getting a buff in Apex Legends Season 12?

Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance finally did it: Crypto got a buff! This has been asked for by players, especially Crypto mains, for a long time, so it’s exciting to finally see it materialize. Crypto has been the Legend with the lowest pick rate for a while.

What are the changes to season 12'S crypto mode?

Season 12's changes will look to rectify that by allowing Crypto players to simply tap the ability button instead to send the drone straight out in front of Crypto. It'll fly forward a set distance and will continue to scan enemies as it normally would but without having to be directed by Crypto himself.

Is crypto a viable recon legends option for Season 12?

Other Recon Legends include Seer, Valkyrie, Pathfinder, and Bloodhound, and of those options, Crypto is generally considered to be the least viable of the group. Whether that'll change in Season 12 or not remains to be seen, but Crypto users will at least be able to benefit from those changes when they're patched in.