What is crypto SIS by Lana Rhoades NFT?

What is Crypto Sis by Lana Rhoades NFT? Crypto Sis by Lana Rhoades is a collection of 6,069 randomly generated NFTs in the Ethereum Network. Lana wanted to create a special connection between her loyal fans and herself so the team started working together to create Crypto Sis!

What is crypto SIS?

What is Crypto Sis? Crypto Sis is a collection of 6,069 unique NFT's based on Lana Rhoades. There are countless possibilities of what token you might get! Each Tokenized Lana is algorithmically generated with special accessories which will all contribute to the creation of each unique piece.

How many Lucky crypto SIS owners will receive Lana Rhoades Merch?

Lana Rhoades will send a personalized message to 10 Lucky Holders along with a surprise care package (a surprise Airdrop NFT). 50 Lucky Crypto Sis Owners will receive Crypto Sis Merch signed by Lana and ahead of releasing Merch! 5 ETH will be distributed to top holders of Crypto Sis NFT! CELEBRATION & SECRET ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

What will happen to the crypto SIS NFT community?

10 Lucky Holders of Crypto Sis NFT will receive an Extra Crypto SIS NFT. Decentraland and Sandbox Wearable will start being developed. A Piece of Designated Metaverse Land will be purchased to create a hangout spot for Crypto Sis NFT Community.