What do you think about the bitcoin documentary?

This documentary is a brutally honest assessment of Bitcoin. Both technically and creatively Torsten and his crew have put together a compelling story. I found myself being drawn in further and further to mysteries and sometimes outlandish statements about Bitcoin.

What is @Cryptopia rescue?

Cryptopia Rescue is a collaboration between a group of seasoned professionals who have the experience and knowledge to help those unrepresented account holders get the representation they deserve. Join thousands of other account holders today, take control of your data and get your coins back from Cryptopia.

How can I support cryptopiafilm?

Welcome to CryptopiaFilm’s official website. Thank you for coming here. You are supporting independent content creators and securing the livelihood of almost a hundred freelancers (see full credit list below). You can support us by telling your friends and colleagues about our film on social media and by tagging us #CryptopiaFilm.

What happens to Cryptopia’s cryptocurrency?

Millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency are being held on behalf of Cryptopia account holders by the liquidators in New Zealand. They have no firm plan to distribute those coins. The vast majority of account holders are overseas and have limited options to seek recourse unless they want to embark on expensive legal action.