What is ESPN Global’s CryptoPay gaming platform?

ESPN Global has announced the launch of a blockchain-powered gaming platform, which will allow competitors to deposit and withdraw using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through Cryptopay. The platform is also integrating an online treasure hunt, Satoshi’s Treasure, with $1 million worth of bitcoin to be split among 1000 winners.

Does ESPN global accept bitcoin as payment?

It’s currently under pre-launch and does not yet accept bitcoin deposits or withdrawals. The announcement details ESPN Global has been using the CryptoPay platform to enable its payment system to use cryptoassets. Chris Parker, one of the Directors of ESPN Global, was quoted as saying:

Why ESPN Global Security Services Limited?

As part of our quality management commitment, ESPN GLOBAL Security Services Limited operate a system to time manage all of our guards’ booking on and off procedures as well as providing an one-to-one telephone service in the form of routine check calls, to ensure our guards are always alert throughout their hours of duty.

What is the ESPN global use case?

Espn global is an educated global community using proprietary and innovative decentralized platforms to access a highly vetted pipeline of blockchain startups, The ESPN global Use Case. The ESPN global User is sharing in a unique wealth-building model that exponentially distributes knowledge and wealth.