How much does palladium cost?

With APMEX’s live Palladium price charts, customers will know anytime there has been any movements within the Precious Metals market. Shop Palladium Best Sellers Palladium Spot Price $2,850.00 USD ($113.00) USD -3.84% Popular Categories Popular Gold Bullion Silver Bullion Favorites Best-Selling Products On Sale Pre-1933 U.S. Gold Coins

How much does palladium cost per ounce?

Palladium Spot Prices Palladium Price Spot Change; Palladium Price Per Ounce: $2,392.00: $6.50: Palladium Price Per Gram: $76.90: $0.21: Palladium Price Per Kilo: $76,904.53: $208.98: Live Metal Spot Prices (24 Hours) Last Updated: 4/14/2022 4:59:57 PM ET

Where to buy palladium coins?

Palladium is available in both coin and bar form and is readily available to buy and sell through Midas Gold Group. Both the US and Royal Canadian Mint produce a government-issued palladium one ounce coin. Palladium is also available in bar form from such reputable mints as PAMP Suisse and Credit Suisse.

How much is palladium worth?

Palladium Prices - Interactive Historical Chart. Interactive chart of historical daily palladium prices back to 1987. The price shown is in U.S. Dollars per troy ounce. The current price of palladium as of April 13, 2022 is $2,339.50 per ounce.