How much is a 1906 gold eagle coin worth?

Still, these classic gold coins are worth more as numismatic collectibles than as bullion coins and are therefore most commonly pursued by numismatists. Here’s a look at the mintages and values of 1906 Liberty Head gold eagles: 1906, 165,497 minted; $810. 1906-D, 981,000; $810.

When was the first Liberty Head $10 coin made?

In addition to 1906 Liberty Head $10 gold coins (which represents a type that was first minted in 1838), Gobrecht notably designed Seated Liberty coins, which were largely made during the late 1830s through early 1890s.

What is the history of the $10 gold coin?

1906 $10 gold coins were originally designed by Chief Engraver Christian Gobrecht, who oversaw the production of many now-classic coin types at the United States Mint.