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CoinDesk Indices and crypto investment firm CoinFund have collaborated to introduce a benchmark that monitors Ethereum staking rates, while also incorporating features that institutional investors commonly look for in the context of digital assets.

A Thursday statement has revealed that the Composite Ether Staking Rate (CESR) will now be computed and published on a daily basis. This metric incorporates a range of factors including block rewards, new emissions, transaction fees, maximal extractable value (MEV), protocol slashing, and withdrawals.

"Our partnership with CoinFund creates such a foundational piece of infrastructure to crypto-asset markets," Alan Campbell, president of CoinDesk Indices, said in the press release. "Drawing on our experience managing the longest-running and largest benchmarked crypto indices globally, we're excited to launch CESR, a building block for crypto-based finance."

The introduction of CESR has facilitated the establishment of market infrastructure that enables the creation of both a forward rate curve and a discount rate. These two components are essential pillars of traditional finance (TradFi) and are used to determine the valuation of various assets. Furthermore, the introduction of CESR allows for the pricing of digital assets in relation to this infrastructure.

Roger Bayston, who is the head of digital assets at Franklin Templeton fund management, expressed great enthusiasm for the launch of CESR in a recent statement. He believes that the introduction of CESR will create fresh opportunities for the industry, especially for traditional finance (TradFi) companies that are interested in the world of cryptocurrencies.

CoinDesk Indices has not yet revealed the specific launch date for CESR, but has confirmed that it will be in the upcoming weeks.

Source Coindesk