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Opera collaborates with MultiversX, a blockchain platform dedicated to the metaverse, formerly known as Elrond, to seamlessly integrate and bolster its thriving ecosystem within the crypto browser.

Opera users have the exciting opportunity to delve into the decentralized internet through the seamless integration of the MultiversX network within the browser's interface. With this integration, users gain the ability to engage in transactions using the network's native tokens EGLD or ESDT, connect with MultiversX-powered non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and effortlessly access decentralized applications built on the network.

Beniamin Mincu, the CEO of MultiversX, emphasized that the integration of the network into Opera presents users with a seamless and effortless entryway into the vibrant Web3 ecosystem.

“By being integrated into the Opera browser suite, MultiversX is leveraging the potential of Web3 in a way that is accessible and familiar to users,” said Mincu. “It's a significant step in creating a simplified, low-barrier entry point to the world of Web3 and blockchain assets, one that allows users to easily access the new digital economy without needing to understand the underlying complexities.”

MultiversX's integration will extend to Opera's desktop browser and an enhanced Android experience, allowing users to effortlessly explore MultiversX-powered websites and platforms.

MultiversX is committed to enhancing the interoperability and user-friendliness of Web3 for newcomers. In February, they introduced xPortal, a comprehensive "super app" that serves as a gateway to decentralized applications and metaverses, streamlining access for users. Additionally, MultiversX recently joined forces with Tencent, the renowned Chinese technology company responsible for the widely-used messaging app WeChat, to support and expand their Web3 strategy.