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A burgeoning platform is striving to broaden the utility of bitcoin (BTC) beyond mere trading and investments by developing games on the Bitcoin blockchain that provide payouts for victorious players, among other applications.

New Bitcoin City, launched just last week, is now offering a diverse range of entertainment options. Users can enjoy casual games, board games, and strategy games, all accessible on both web and mobile platforms, and remarkably, they all operate on the Bitcoin network. Moreover, the platform provides exciting NFT auctions and a marketplace, both of which are fully integrated into the Bitcoin ecosystem.

“We want to make Bitcoin as generalized as possible — usable for far more than just a currency,” said @punk3700, one of the developers at New Bitcoin City said in a post on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. “We started first with Art, then AI, and DeFi is the natural next area to add.”


Bitcoin's utilization in DeFi applications has primarily been confined to tokenized versions of bitcoin on different blockchain networks, like Ethereum or Solana.
The recent introduction of "Bitcoin Request for Comment" (BRC-20) standards has opened up exciting possibilities for developers to create tokens and develop DeFi applications on the Bitcoin network. As a result, we have witnessed a notable surge in the development of digital artwork and meme coins built on the Bitcoin platform in recent months.
@punk3700 previously developed Trustless Market, a Bitcoin-based Uniswap fork, during the peak of the Ordinals protocol excitement, aiming to stimulate BRC-20 token transactions on the blockchain. Shortly after its release, the platform quickly gained momentum, reaching impressive daily trading volumes of $500,000 and attracting a substantial user base of over 2,000 individuals. Moreover, liquidity providers were incentivized with a 2% share of all swaps executed within the network.

New Bitcoin City developers firmly believe that the implementation of blockchain technology guarantees a level playing field for gamers, setting their games apart from opaque online counterparts. By leveraging blockchains, the mechanics remain transparent, eliminating any possibility of tampering and ensuring players have a genuine opportunity to amass substantial earnings.

In an effort to tackle Bitcoin's notorious slow transactional speeds, developers of New Bitcoin City took a groundbreaking approach by introducing NOS, a layer 2 network. NOS is built on top of Bitcoin and utilizes an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), enabling smart contract functionality comparable to Ethereum while significantly enhancing transaction speeds. EVMs serve as the software environment in which all Ethereum accounts and smart contracts operate, making it a pivotal component in the integration of advanced features within the New Bitcoin City ecosystem.

Such developments are what the likes of @punk3700 say takes the ecosystem forward. “It’s best when we can combine the best of both worlds, i.e. Ethereum and Bitcoin, together, rather than pitch Ethereum versus Bitcoin,” he stated.