What's the purpose of challenge coins in the military?

What is the Purpose of a Challenge Coin?

  • Membership. In the military, challenge coins are proof that you are a member of a unit or served on a specific tour of duty.
  • Awards and Recognition. Challenge coins are used to award team members who perform their duties extremely well. ...
  • Creates Bonds and Connections. ...
  • Branding. ...

What is a challenge coin and what do they represent?

In coin collecting, a challenge coin is a uniquely designed coin that represents an organization or occasion. Being given a challenge coin represents comrade or unity and proves membership of a certain group, as well as honoring the actions of those who receive them. Challenge coins have a special way of instilling pride in its recipients.

How did the military challenge coin come about?

Challenge coins in the military have a long history. Though the history is murky, you might say the military coin tradition trace back at least as far as the Roman Empire. Roman Soldiers were often rewarded with an additional coin on top of their additional pay, for displays of heroism or excellence.

What are challenge coins and their importance?

challenge coins, or commander's coin. The coin represents affiliation, support or patronage to the organization minted on the coin. The challenge coin is a treasured and respected representation of the organization minted on the coin. Commanders use specially minted military coins to improve morale, foster unit esprit and honor service members for their hard work. Challenge coin rules only apply to other individuals who also have a challenge coin. A holder of