What is the best value gold coin?

Best Gold Coins for Investments

Name Diameter Purity Face Value (Denomination) Weight
Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin 30mm .9999% $50 Canadian Dollars 1 troy oz
Chinese Panda Gold Coin 32mm .999% 500 Yuan 30 grams (0.9645 troy oz)
Somalia African Elephant Gold Coin 39mm .9999% 1000 shillings 1 troy oz
American Gold Eagle Coin 32.7mm .9167% $50 dollars 1 troy oz

6 more rows ...

Where can you buy a gold coin?

The most popular, and perhaps most attractive, way of investing in gold is buying the physical product. This can come in the form of bullion, coins or bars, and it's the sort of thing you can purchase from the Perth Mint.

What can you do with gold coins?

  • A Gold Coin can be sold to ShiftPlox for $120.
  • 10 Gold Coins can be given to Homeless Man Jill in the Sewers for 960 XP (Daily Quest, Level 15+).
  • Gold Coins are used to roll items in " The Arcade " for $1,500.

Are gold coins actually gold?

Those cheap gold coins that sell for $10 or $20 — those aren’t really solid gold. Yes, they contain gold. But they’re not solid, 100% pure gold through and through. In most cases, they’re gold-plated coins. “ But they say the coin is pure 24-karat gold…. ”.