What is coin pushers in Rere?

Re: Coin Pushers It’s a game where you put quarters into a arm and they drop down on the coins being pushed towards the edge. Whatever falls over the ledge you win. It’s fun but can get expensive and be very addicting. Check out the YouTube videos and you can see them in action.

Are real money coin pushers legal?

Are Real Money Coin Pushers Legal? There have been some issues with the legality of coin pushers in regards to gambling. Most countries do not allow cash to be used as a reward from the machine. This would make the games very similar to other gambling games, like slot machines.

How do coin pushers make money?

And with those quarters they can try to win bundles of cash, gift cards, gold and silver, etc. There are some channels that are obviously fake, they just set up a coin pusher in their basement and win thousands of dollars every time. But others seem like they could be more legit.

Why should you watch coin pushers?

You watch for the right reasons! These coin pusher videos are for entertainment only and are not real. Otherwise the casinos would go broke. Just enjoy them for what they are. Stumbled in here after seeing an A&V video on facebook.