Who is Avalon World Gaming?

Avalon World Gaming was created in the summer of 2009. We were established in a Perfect World private server which we dominated for several months. We used our tactics and organization skills to continue paving our success in many games to follow: Aion, TERA, Dragon Nest, Blade & Soul and many more.

What does Avalon do?

From Kings and Knights to Elves and Witches , Avalon grants all your wishes . Player or Guild owned in game income generating respawn areas.

What makes Avalon-WM a good broker?

A trading platform is one of the most important factors which makes a broker good or bad. Avalon-WM doesn’t disappoint its customers in any way. That is why it is offering one of the best trading platforms. The trading platform is an important factor because it is the interface that is going to be used by the trader.