What is a cryptography based project?

Cryptography Based Projects are created for maintain data integrity of transferring data’s within a network. Cryptography is to understand the mathematical techniques and information security under the properties of authentication, confidentiality and integrity.

What is hash-based cryptography?

Hash-based cryptography creates signature algorithms whose security is mathematically based on the security of a selected cryptographic hash function. Consider, for example, NIST’s set of well-trusted and ubiquitous cryptographic hash functions Secure Hash Algorithm 2 (SHA-2).

What is pairing based cryptography (PBC)?

What is Pairing Based Cryptography (PBC)? - Security Wiki Pairing-based cryptography is based on pairing functions that map pairs of points on an elliptic curve into a finite field. The unique properties of these pairing functions have enabled many new cryptographic protocols that had not been previously feasible.

What is a code-based cryptographic system?

In this chapter, we consider the theory and the practice of code-based cryptographic systems. By this term, we mean the cryptosystems in which the algorithmic primitive (the underlying one-way function) uses an error correcting code C.