What is cashflow 690 coin mechanism?

Cashflow 690 Coin Mechanism Mei Coin Changer Key Features DFX security for bi-colour coin recognition Four interchangeable high capacity coin tubes Available with serial and electromechanical interfaces Capable of handling dual coin sets Coin sets are upgradeable in the field without the need to drop coins Dimensions H: 380.9mm W: 137.5mm D: 77mm

How does the Mei cashflow 690 Change Giver work?

The MEI CASHFLOW 690 change giver provides a quick and easy coin set conversion at a touch of a button through its pre-programmed coin set, together with its patented clip-in, clip-out cassettes. Download Product Brochure PDF Download Techical Manual PDF

What repair services does cashflow® offer?

These services include repairs, re-programming of your CashFlow®products with new coinsets, replacing damaged modules, and the supply of a range of spare parts. WWW.MEIGROUP.COM Index Operator's Handbook 36 ©, MEI., 2006

How does a vending machine accept coins?

If they conform to the pre-programmed set, they are accepted. They then pass, via the separator, into the change tubes or into the cashbox. If they do not conform to the pre-programmed coin set, they are rejected and pass through a reject chute inside the changegiver and then into the return cup of the vending machine. Dispenser