Who won the coin toss in the AFC Championship Game?

The Cincinnati Bengals beat the Kansas City Chiefs 27-24 in overtime in Sunday's AFC Championship game to advance to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs won the coin toss, but Cincinnati's Vonn Bell intercepted Patrick Mahomes on Kansas City's opening possession.

When will the Chiefs call the coin toss in 2019?

The road team gets to make the call on the coin toss, which means the Chiefs will call the coin toss on February 7th. While it is a mostly 50/50 proposition, getting a chance to defer is a big deal.

How many consecutive coin tosses have the Kansas City Chiefs won?

In 2018, the Chiefs won 12 consecutive coin tosses, including three in the preseason, a streak Andy Reid called “ridiculous.” The odds of that happening are 1 in 4,096. The Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions won 14 consecutive coin flips over the 2016-17 and 2004-05 seasons, respectively.

Who won the Chiefs'coin toss against the Chargers?

The Chiefs chose linebacker Melvin Ingram, a former Charger, to handle the coin toss for them in the game, and Ingram won the coin toss before the game and again before overtime.