What is a 5 peso Mexican gold coin?

Produced by the Banco De Mexico between 1905-1955, the 5 Peso Mexican Gold Coin is the third smallest denomination of the coin series. Each piece has been masterfully crafted from 0.1206 troy oz .9 fine gold, making it appropriate for more modest investments. It possesses a diameter of 19 mm and a width of 1.01 mm.

What does “Cinco Pesos” mean?

The words “Cinco Pesos” appear along the edge of the coin along with its year of mintage. Proudly emblazoned unto the reverse side of the coin is the Mexican Coat of Arms.

How many 1955 coins were restruck?

During 1955-1972 a total of 1,767,645 pieces were restruck, most likely dated 1955. In 1996 matte restrikes were produced. An additional 111,400 pieces dated 1955 were struck during 2000-2017 Shop Now! Loading… Loading… The World Coin Price Guide was independently compiled by Active Interest Media’s NumisMaster.

What is the metal content of the gold coins?

The metal content of the coin is .900 gold, consisting of a mix of 90% gold and 10% copper. Please be advised that while the gold coins included in this collection are available in a broad range of conditions and mintage dates, JM Bullion is unable to disclose these specifics prior to the coin’s shipment.