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What is coingecko and how does it work?

What Is CoinGecko? CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency information platform that provides live and historical insights into cryptocurrency prices, trading volume, market capitalization, exchanges and indexes, and much more. In addition, CoinGecko tracks on-chain metrics, community growth, major cryptocurrency events, and open-source code development.

What is a coin category in coingecko?

A category in CoinGecko is collections of certain tokens. For example, the Cardano category contains tokens that belong to the Arbitrum category. How to Get CoinGecko Coin Categories To get a list of all the supported coin categories, you can use the get_coins_categories_list () method, as demonstrated in the following code.

Do you trust coingecko?

The Trustpilot user reviews for CoinGecko, with an average rating of 1.8/5.0, suggest that most users do not trust CoinGecko. Users report issues such as false or outdated data information and bugs in their mobile applications. What Clients are Available for CoinGecko API? CoinGecko doesn’t have an official client.

How do I access the coingecko advanced plans?

To access the CoinGecko advanced plans (analyst, lite, pro), you must sign up and subscribe with the CoinGecko API. To do so, go to the CoinGecko API pricing page, and select the subscription option that suits your needs. It has a free plan.

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CoinGecko API Python Tutorial - Analyzing Alpha


CoinGecko API Python Tutorial - Analyzing Alpha
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