How do I verify my coins account?

Our team carefully reviews the documents you submit. In general, here are a couple of tips to verify your Coins.ph account quickly: Take a complete picture of your document. We’d need to see the entire ID/document for us to verify it. Take a clear photo.

How to perform KYC to verify your coins account?

Why Perform KYC to Verify Your Coins.ph account? Step 1 – Prepare a Valid ID to Verify Your Coins.ph Account; Step 2 – Log in to Your Coins.ph Account; Step 3 – Open the Coins.ph Main Menu; Step 4 – Tap VERIFY NOW; Step 5 – Select your language; Step 6 – Answer the question “First time signing up?” Step 7 – Select the ID that you will upload

How to fix Apple ID verification failed error on iPhone?

If you receive an Apple ID Verification Failed Error, you should check if your phone has the latest update or not. Follow the steps given below to update your iPhone’s iOS: Step 1 – Go to your iPhone’s Settings Step 3 – Tap Software Update, and from here, download the newest update available

Is Coinbase ID verification really that bad?

Coinbase ID verification is notoriously bad. I had a similar issue when using the camera on my outdated smartphone. When I took a picture with my actual camera, it worked. The funny thing is that the camera is older than my phone but produces better quality photos.