What is a crypto exchange?

A crypto trading platform operates in the same way as a conventional stock, forex, or CFD platform. That is to say, crypto trading platforms allow...Read more

Which crypto trading platforms offer the most leverage?

This depends on whether or not you are planning to use a regulated crypto trading platform (which you should). If you do, your access to leverage w...Read more

What is the cheapest crypto exchange and Bitcoin Trading platform?

Binance is often viewed as a low-cost trading platform, as it charges just 0.10% in commission. However, you'll pay up to 4.5% to deposit funds wit...Read more

What is the best crypto exchange for US residents?

As an American, you should stick with crypto trading platforms that are registered with FINRA. eToro is one such example. The provider is not only...Read more

How do I start crypto trading?

You can start crypto trading in less than 10-15 minutes when using a regulated platform like eToro. All you need to do is quickly open an account,...Read more

Are crypto trading platforms regulated?

There are hundreds of crypto trading platforms in the online space - most of which are unregulated. We strongly suggest sticking with a regulated p...Read more

What is the best crypto to trade online?

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies that you can trade online. With that said, the two most liquid crypto pairs are BTC/USD and BTC/USDT.Read more

Which Bitcoin Trading platform is safest?

If you want to trade Bitcoin in a truly safe and secure manner, it's best to use regulated platforms. eToro, for example, is regulated by the CySEC...Read more

Which Bitcoin trading platforms offer futures?

If you're interested in Bitcoin derivatives like futures and options, Binance might be your best bet. The popular exchange offers an abundance of m...Read more

How do Bitcoin trading platforms make money?

Bitcoin trading platforms make money by charging fees. Trading-related fees include commissions and spreads. Non-trading fees usually focus on depo...Read more

Which is the best crypto exchange?

We found that the best crypto exchanges for 2021 include eToro, Capital.com and Binance.Read more

How do cryptocurrency exchanges work?

The best crypto exchanges work much the same as a traditional stock brokerage site. This is because the exchange is between buyers and sellers. For...Read more

Which cryptocurrency trading platform has the lowest fees?

After reviewing dozens of the best cryptocurrency brokers, we found that eToro is the best for low fees. You can deposit funds with a debit/credit...Read more

Which crypto trading platforms have stop losses?

Stop-loss orders are part and parcel of being able to trade crypto in a risk-averse manner – so most platforms offer them. This includes the likes...Read more

How many crypto exchanges are there?

According to data provided by CoinMarketCap – there are 381 cryptocurrency exchanges at the time of writing on June 9th, 2021.Read more

What crypto exchanges accept USD?

US dollar stands as the benchmark currency of the global cryptocurrency industry. As such, most of the best cryptocurrency brokers discussed today...Read more

Which crypto exchanges allow shorting?

If you want to engage in shorting, you will want to choose a crypto platform that supports CFD instruments. The likes of eToro, Libertex, and Capit...Read more

What is the best cryptocurrency trading platform?

eToro is our number one recommendation, and this is the case for many reasons. While eToro does have its own digital wallet, as well as an exchange, it also has its very own customizable trading platform. This is one of the easiest of all trading products to use too, at least compared with some of eToro’s major rivals.

What are the best platforms to trade crypto?

eToro – the best social crypto trading platform; FTX – the best crypto trading platform; Coinbase – the best crypto exchange for newbies; OKX – best for cheapest fee rates; Paxful – best for security features; Kraken – reputable crypto trading platform; iTrustCapital – best for retirees; Final thoughts

Is it the best for crypto trading?

Trading cryptocurrencies takes a great deal of discipline and is best suited to intermediate and professional crypto traders. The fast-paced crypto market can be overwhelming for beginners. If you have a background in trading other financial instruments, don't assume that trading cryptocurrency is the same.

How to profit from crypto trading?

You’ll have to pay taxes when you:

  • Receive mined cryptocurrencies
  • Sell crypto for cash
  • Receive any crypto as a reward
  • Receive your earnings in the form of crypto from your employer
  • Use tokens to buy a different cryptocurrency
  • Pay for any goods and services using crypto