What to do if you are scammed by a cryptocurrency scam?

If you are scammed or suspect a crypto fraud, you can simply report to the local financial regulatory body. Further, you can also contact the law and enforcement with the details of the crypto scam. You already know that we have a cryptocurrency scams broker list as well as a scam coin list.

Is crypto a scam?

Before crypto became the main vehicle of choice for pig butcherers, scammers convinced victims to buy online gift cards. These cards offered less consumer protection than cash transfers – perfect for scammers. Then crypto came, with its promise of self-custody and little to no customer protection – even better!

Why do people fall for crypto dating scams?

Victims of crypto dating scams consistently report that their online partner refuses to meet them in person or video call them because they’re shy, and they aren’t ready yet. In reality, it’s because scammers use photos of other people to create realistic online profiles.

Who is @crypto face?

Crypto Face is a pseudonym used by a prominent crypto trader on social media. He has a YouTube channel with around 99,000 subscribers, as well as an Instagram and Twitter profile.