What is cryptocurrency (for Dummies)?

Let’s begin! What Is Cryptocurrency (for Dummies)? “Cryptocurrency” is a blend of cryptography and currency. This fintech (financial technology) solution lets you move digital assets between individual parties securely using encryption and decryption. In short, crypto serves as an alternative to our current financial and monetary systems.

How to invest in cryptocurrency?

You can invest in crypto assets, wait for their prices to increase over time, and sell. You can do this passively, actively, or both. If you want to make more money over a shorter period, try bitcoin trading using different financial instruments. You can also work on crypto as a software engineer.

Is it easy to get a cryptocurrency project off the ground?

The crypto domain has taken on a life of its own. Thanks to Ethereum (the second-most popular crypto), it’s suddenly easy to get cryptocurrency projects off the ground through initial coin offerings (ICOs). However, not every project is a paradigm shifter.

Who is the author of cryptocurrency investing for Dummies?

Kiana Danial, author of Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies is an award-winning, internationally recognized personal investing and wealth management expert. She is a highly sought-after professional speaker, author and executive coach who delivers inspirational workshops and seminars to corporations, universities, and entrepreneurial groups.