What assets does price action trading work on?

Price action trade is concerned with trends, and not individual financial instruments. As such, whether you want to trade stocks, indices, cryptocu...Read more

How can I test my price action trading strategy out?

We would suggest opening a brokerage account and then utilizing its demo facility. In doing so, you'll get to practice price action trading without...Read more

Is price action trading the same as technical analysis?

No, price action trading is not the same as technical analysis. But, technical analysis forms an important part when trading online, so you should...Read more

What is risk sentiment in price action trading?

As the name suggests, risk sentiment attempts to ascertain how the market is feeling. That is to say, the process looks to see if the wider markets...Read more

What safe havens does price action trading look for?

Historically, safe havens would include the US dollar, US Treasuries, government securities, gold, and the Swiss franc.Read more

What does price action mean in trading?

Price action trading is a technique or trading style where a trader makes decisions based on the price movement on the charts as opposed to relying...Read more

Which is better price action or indicators?

Price action trading is based on the belief that past price history can help predict the future of a market, or the potential for a pattern to repe...Read more

How do you practice price action?

There is a lot to learn when it comes to price action trading and it is not just as straightforward as finding one candlestick and then entering tr...Read more