How to become a millionaire with cryptocurrency?

Trading Cryptos Trading cryptos have made more millionaires than other ways. Trading cryptocurrency is similar to trading currency on the foreign exchange. To put it simply, you buy a cryptocurrency at a low (or high price) and hold it until you can sell at a higher (or lower) price.

How many millennials are investing in crypto?

Most millennial millionaires have the bulk of their wealth in crypto, and they’re planning to add more in 2022 despite the recent price declines, according to the CNBC Millionaire Survey. Fully 83% of millennial millionaires own cryptocurrencies, according to the survey.

Can you really make $1 million in crypto mining in a year?

Although half the price, it doesn’t take anything away from the possibility of making the $1 million. Deciding to go down the path of crypto mining with $5,000 may not be as profitable as advertised. Throwing your money into a crypto fund will also not make you a millionaire in the next year.

Can you become rich by investing in Cryptos?

To join the list of millionaires made by cryptos, you can follow the model set by other individuals; buy low, hold, sell high, reinvest, and trade. With the growing number of cryptos (and scam projects alike), becoming rich now involves more work in identifying a future-proof project that works for you, patience, and time.