Why should I use the Cryptotab Browser and not my regular one?

Well, this browser is specifically designed to mine Bitcoins. This browser can mine and get bitcoins directly into your account. You can take part...Read more

How to create an account on the Cryptotab Browser?

To create an account on the Cryptotab browser, open the browser on your computer or phone. Go to the “Settings” on the right side. You can log in w...Read more

How can I activate mining?

Install and open the browser. Go to the logo of the Cryptotab in the corner. With this open tab, you can turn on mining and adjust its speed. You w...Read more

How to withdraw Bitcoins from Cryptotab?

Follow these steps to withdraw Bitcoins from Cryptotab. Open the browser. When you cross the minimum withdrawal limit, go to the menu and select Wi...Read more

Is the Cryptotab browser useful?

Yes, it is useful to have the Cryptotab for business and trading. It is one of the first browsers to mine Bitcoins. You can earn safely with the BT...Read more

Why should I avoid hacking the Cryptotab mining speed with a Script?

Developing the Script to hack the Cryptotab mining speed is complicated; more importantly, it is unsafe for your devices and data.Read more

How to increase cryptotab mining speed?

For this method, download and install the Cryptotab Browser Pro APK. since it is downloaded from an unknown source, turn on anonymous sources to install the app on your device. When you launch the app, turn off the Developer Options and stay awake. What a relief that would be! This app will automatically improve the Cryptotab mining speed.

What is cryptotab browser?

Join the community of CryptoTab — the first and only browser in the world with built-in mining. No investments needed! Try it right now and earn your first BTС with CryptoTab Browser!

What is cryptotab cloud boost?

The Cloud.Boost feature multiplies mining speed, allowing you to earn way more on the very same hardware you already have. You won't experience any performance issues or increased battery drain: the boost utilizes CryptoTab cloud servers power. You can have multiple boosts to use them separately on different devices within same CryptoTab account.

What is the file size of cryptotab?

Join the community of more than 25 million users around the world who are already earning their bitcoins with CryptoTab! File Size: 1.4 Mb. To download for MacOS click here. Still in doubt?