What is Kahavanu coinage?

A Sinhalese gold coinage known as the 'Kahavanu" had been in circulation in the island from about the 7th to 8th centuries AD. These coins were either gold or gold-plated.

What is a Kahapana coin?

The metal of the Kahapana has been found mostly to be silver. Accordingly, the coins authorized by the King carried the Royal stamp. When these coins passed from one to another, various unique markings were added by each owner. As a result, these coins bear a multitude of different symbols.

What are the different coins of the Kingdom of Hawaii?

Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands. 1 CPC-1 HAPAWALU (eighth dollar) 1883 - copper trial. 2 CPC-2 HAPAHA (quarter dollar) 1883 - copper trial. 3 CPC-3 HAPALUA (half dollar) 1883 - copper trial. 4 CPC-4 AKAHI DALA (one dollar) 1883 - copper trial official version.

When was the first coinage issued in Hawaii?

In 1847, the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi, under the reign of King Kamehaheha III, issued its first official coinage—a large one-cent copper penny—to alleviate the chronic shortage of small denomination coins circulating in the Hawaiian Islands.