How do I restore a bitcoin wallet?

To restore your wallet from the backup phrase please follow the steps below:

  1. When you have downloaded the Bitcoin.com wallet, tap on the "+" symbol to the right of your bitcoin wallets.
  2. Now tap on "Import wallet"
  3. Enter your 12-word backup phrase and select the coin, BTC or BCH, for the wallet you want to import.
  4. Once you have entered all 12 words correctly, tap "Import"

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Can You retrieve a lost bitcoin wallet?

Unfortunately, if you do not have the 12-word backup phrase there is no way to recover your wallet or the funds should anything happen to the device you have the wallet downloaded to. Bitcoin.com has no control over your private keys or any transactions made; we can not restore your wallet for you. To restore your wallet from the backup phrase ...

How to backup and restore a bitcoin wallet?

  • Encrypt your Bitcoin wallet with a password.
  • Make sure you backup your wallet.
  • Creating wallet backups is essential in case of hardware/software failure or if you own a wallet with stolen/lost Bitcoin.
  • Store these backups on several locations (such as CDs, Paper wallets, USBs etc).

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How to back up your bitcoin wallet?

How to Backup your Bitcoin wallet (blockchain.info, Bitcoin QT, MultiBit)

  1. Open the wallet you want to back up. Whether it’s Blockchain.info, Bitcoin QT, MultiBit or any other wallet.
  2. Look for “Backup wallet” or “Export private keys”. Search inside the wallet’s menu until you find one of these options.
  3. Save your backup to a flash drive. Save your exported backup on to a flash drive and keep it in a secure place. ...