Is HSBC banning cryptocurrency?

HSBC has reportedly changed its policy regarding cryptocurrency. The bank now prohibits customers from buying the stock of public companies that hold bitcoin, like Microstrategy. All of the companies with bitcoin treasuries could be on the chopping block at HSBC. British bank HSBC has reportedly become more strict with its crypto policy.

Is HSBC invest Direct Investing in cryptocurrency?

“Our records show that your HSBC Invest Direct account is holding Microstrategy Inc-A — MSTR-US, a virtual currency product.” While Microstrategy does not offer any crypto services, it has been heavily buying BTC since October last year. The company has amassed almost 100K BTC and has made acquiring the cryptocurrency one of its primary goals.

What is HSBC doing in the Metaverse?

HSBC Makes Its Way To Metaverse With SandBox. British bank HSBC partners with The Sandbox that will provide opportunities for virtual communities across the world to engage with global financial services providers and sports communities in The Sandbox metaverse.

Why is HSBC partnering with the sandbox?

One of the largest international banks in the world, HSBC, has inked a partnership with the leading metaverse project The Sandbox to help it enter the rapidly developing metaverse space.