What was the highest price for LUMI Credits?

LUMI Credits hit an all time high of $0.898052 on Aug 05, 2021 (about 1 year).Read more

What was the lowest price for LUMI Credits?

LUMI Credits had an all time low of $0.009840112483 on Aug 19, 2022 (6 hours).Read more

What was the 24 hour trading volume of LUMI Credits?

The 24 hour trading volume of LUMI Credits is $3,257.36.Read more

Where can LUMI Credits be traded?

You can trade LUMI Credits on Poloniex, SUN.io, and Poloniex.Read more

Who introduced the Lumi currency in Africa?

The decision to promote LUMI as a global African currency was first publicly announced to the world by H.M. Rex Semako I & VI Chief Timothy Elisha McPherson during the 2018 Intra-African Trade Fair in Cairo, Egypt, which was promoted by the African Export-Import Bank and the African Union.

What is the difference between Lumi Lite and Lumi wallet?

Lumi Lite refers to a previous version of our wallet. It was not Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) and had a different wallet structure from Lumi. For the latter reason, Lumi could not release Lumi wallet as an update of Lumi Lite. The company thus launched Lumi wallet as a separate app.

Why should I use Lumi?

It increases the chances of discovering the bugs and addressing them before any harm is done. Lumi is a HD wallet meaning that is supports the generation and storage of an infinite number of addresses and wallets.