What is poocoin and how does it work?

PooCoin also has a rug check feature that allows checking the integrity of a token. A sniper watcher enables users to track bots that are used to snipe token launches. Moreover, PooCoin features a swapping option that you can use to swap tokens directly on the PooCoin app.

How are Binance tokens listed on poocoin?

Tokens are not “listed” on poocoin. The smart contracts are signed in the Binance Smart Chain and they appear on poocoin.app when liquidity is added into the contract. Okay thank you! So ALL the new tokens created on BSC are automatically “added” on PooCoin as soon as liquidity is added?

What is the current price prediction for poocoin?

The PooCoin price prediction sentiment is currently neutral. In terms of market cap, PooCoin is currently ranked #411 in the DeFi Coins sector, ranked #132 in the Binance Smart Chain sector and ranked #70 in the Meme Coins sector. PooCoin price in US Dollar has decreased by -13.06% in the last 1 month.