Why is Ethereum better than bitcoin?

Bitcoin has a lower coin supply and is more liquid than Ethereum, but Ethereum has better technology and provides more uses than Bitcoin does. Based on the fact Ethereum has more use cases than Bitcoin — and, therefore, serves a bigger purpose — I can say that it is indeed an overall better Bitcoin alternative.

Is bitcoin better than Ethereum?

Ethereum is technologically smarter while Bitcoin is not as sound and lacks decentralized applications. This makes Ethereum better than Bitcoin. Ethereum is technologically sound . The number of coins Since Ethereum is a relatively new platform there is much more availability of coins. Bitcoin in comparison is a lot scarcer.

Why to buy Ethereum over bitcoin?

While bitcoin may have an impressive price and is doing well as a hedge tool and speculative asset, Ethereum, as industry heads argue, has more use that bitcoin in the sense that it offers smart contract capabilities and can lead to the development of future coins and decentralized applications.

Is Ethereum safer than bitcoin?

Ethereum has a lot of advantages and disadvantages over Bitcoin but it’s safe to say that it’s the technology of the future. As the world is moving towards web 3.0, Ethereum will gain more and more value with its limitless features.