Why isn’t my NFT showing up in Coinbase wallet?

If Coinbase Wallet isn’t showing your NFT due to lag or an unsynced database, then give it some time and try again after about an hour. If the problem is related to unsupported blockchains networks or NFT formats, then you may need to import your Coinbase Wallet into a different cryptocurrency wallet that you trust and that supports the NFT.

Why is my polygon NFT not showing up in my wallet?

Many wallet providers do not support Polygon, so if the NFT is not showing up, you may need to export into a supported wallet like MetaMask.

How do I send Crypto to Coinbase NFT?

If you have a Coinbase account, you can send crypto to Coinbase Wallet to use on Coinbase NFT. If you don’t have a Coinbase account, you’ll first need to follow the steps to create a Coinbase account. ( Learn more about Coinbase Wallet — which is a different app than the one that provides access to your regular Coinbase account.)

How do you buy NFTS on OpenSea with Coinbase?

Since you’re fairly new to cryptocurrencies and like the convenience that Coinbase provides, you installed Coinbase Wallet app on your smartphone. You then went on OpenSea, connected your wallet using the Coinbase Wallet app, and eventually bought an NFT. Yay!