How much are North Korean coins worth?

Joseph Poh, who has been buying and selling North Korean coins for two years, made his largest sale after the confirmation of a summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump. ADVERTISEMENT He sold two, five-ounce gold coins to a first-time buyer at $22,500 each.

What is the United States and Korea peace talks commemorative coin?

United States and Korea Peace Talks Commemorative Coin from the Only Original Official White House Gift Shop® Est. 1946 by Permanent Presidential Memorandum and Members of U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division

What is side one/obverse of the North Korean flag?

Side One / Obverse includes raised images and flags of both United States and North Korea, as seen in the news, and 3-D raised images of both President Donald J. Trump and also Kim Jung-un with his official title of Supreme Leader of North Korea.

Is Singapore’s new coin summit driving up prices?

Now collectors in Singapore who have spent tens of thousands of dollars acquiring the coins are happy that Tuesday’s summit is driving up prices and ushering first-time buyers into the market.