Where can I buy a coin counter?

Stores with Coin Counter Machines. Rather than going to the bank, you might run into a coin-counting machine at one of the places to visit the most: a grocery store or supermarket. With cash transactions happening all the time, it makes sense that these machines are readily available at these stores.

What is the best coin counting machine?

Founded in 1991, Coinstar is the most popular company that offers coin counting machines. In fact, since their inception, Coinstar has processed more than 800 billion coins worldwide. Coinstar also has more than 23,000 kiosks in North America, Japan, and Europe alone.

Where can I find a coin counting machine in Philadelphia?

<p>If you're in the Philadelphia area, Freedom Credit Union has coin counting machines in their branches that are FREE for members AND non-members!

Which banks offer coin counting?

Here are some banks that openly provide coin counting services: U.S. Bank will exchange their customer’s change for cash without any fees. Wells Fargo has been removing their coin counting machines, but they still accept rolled coins from customers.