What's new in Season 3 of rollercoin?

Hello Rollers! While the Season II Dark Star is on fire and going, we want to tell you more about the development of RollerCoin in the next 4 month, hope you will like what we prepare for you! In Season III, playing games becomes more rewarding! All 10 RollerCoin games will now have an equal chance of giving special drops to players!

When does season 4 of rollers start?

From the first stirrings of life, here starts your journey through time towards the stars Join our ancestor hamsters, discover the first crypto, stop hamster sacrifices, get your own dinosaur start the industrial revolution and learn how future rollers mine the whole crypto planet! Season IV starts on the 31st of March! And you guessed it!

Is rollercoin ready for drops from games?

We have already prepared everything, and the Drops from Games are ready to be implemented in RollerCoin, BUT RollerCoin is not prepared for drops yet. And now we will explain why!

What is the future of rollercoin?

The future of RollerCoin is very bright and promising: the upcoming Merge system will be a gamechanger for all players! The economics that we prepare will guarantee the growing price of the Drops! Unlike any other gaming and crypto projects, Drops and Merge will never face inflation!! Drops are resources that you use to Upgrade miners by Merging.