What is sequence wallet (sequence)?

Sequence is a non-custodial, user-friendly, blockchain-based smart contract wallet that supports multiple chains and offers seamless integration. Sequence Wallet is based on Ethereum and Web3 standards and can be used everywhere online, including from any Web browser.

What are crypto wallets?

There’s a lot of mystique revolving around the topic, from overnight millionaires to the potential to create money out of thin air. Billions of dollars worth of crypto are stored on the blockchain, linked by crypto wallets. Yet despite an increasing user community, there is often a misunderstanding that crypto wallets store cryptocurrency.

Which cryptocurrency exchanges work with trust wallet?

For now, MoonPay and Simplex are the only on-platform exchanges supported. But, of course, you can buy your crypto anywhere and simply send it to your Trust Wallet as well. One downside of Trust Wallet is that it’s purely mobile-based. You can get it for use on either Android or iOS, but there’s no desktop variant.

Which cryptocurrency wallet should you choose?

Coinbase Wallet “Coinbase is internationally recognized and a good fit for those who are concerned about to whom they entrust their crypto.” Coinbase was founded considerably early, in 2012. It’s the first on our list owned ex-China, being the brainchild of Brian Armstrong.