What is mobilecoin and why is Signal Integrating it?

The encrypted messaging app is integrating support for MobileCoin in a bid to keep up with the features offered by its more mainstream rivals. Save this story for later. MobileCoin will bring payments to Signal, but also added complexity and potential regulation.

What is mobilecoin?

MobileCoin is designed so that a mobile messaging application like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Signal can integrate with a MobileCoin wallet. Fast, secure, and private. Image via Mobilecoin.com

What is signal payments and how does it work?

The new service is being called Signal Payments and the new feature only supports the MobileCoin wallet and the cryptocurrency MOB. Of course signal was co-founded by its CEO Moxie Marlinspike, and it has a close relationship with MobileCoin as Martinspike is publicly acknowledged as an advisor to the MobileCoin project.

What is signal cryptocurrency and how does it work?

So Signal looked to privacy-preserving cryptocurrency, or "privacy coins," that both circumvent banks and are specially designed to protect users' identities and the details of their payments on a blockchain.