Why are stablecoins so expensive?

Stablecoins have to be widely used than Bitcoin or Ethereum, which means that, at some point in its growth, a stablecoin becomes a heavy load on the blockchain in which it resides. Gas fees then naturally go up precisely because of stablecoin transactions.

What are the best stablecoins?

Let’s start with our list of best stablecoins and also find out their transaction fees. Tether is the world’s first and best-known stablecoin. Tether was first introduced as RealCoin in July 2014, then Tether Ltd renamed it Tether in November. Tether tokens are the native tokens of the Tether network and trade under the USDT sign.

Is BlockFi the best stablecoin interest rate?

Although the yield is not the highest, it’s still one of the best stablecoin interest rates, and it has an extremely user-friendly interface. Blockchain: BlockFi is a centralized platform, and there is no need to worry about having your assets on different blockchains or gas fees. So, how do you get the best stablecoin interest rate on BlockFi?

Which cryptocurrency has the lowest gas fee?

Cardano ADA Cardano is a cryptocurrency known for creating a stable crypto ecosystem, with a transaction price that fully lives up to this expectation. Although its gas fee is the most expensive on this list, ADA still has a very low transaction cost compared to other cryptos.