What is the rise and fall of cryptocurrency in India?

Let us now go ahead and take a look at the rise and fall of crypto in India over the past few years. Cryptocurrencies witnessed quite a few ups and downs in their values ever since 2012 till 2020. From becoming a favourite alternative for making payments to disappearing in 2018 with the ban, we will discuss it all in brief.

Can cryptocurrencies become new investment means for people?

With all things in place and a regulated crypto market, there is no doubt that cryptocurrencies can become new investment means for people”. Despite some people being against cryptocurrency, India has witnessed a rise in the use of Bitcoin over the past few years.

Why India needs to accept cryptocurrencies?

It talks about the increasing significance of Cryptocurrencies across the world and why India needs to accept it in order to go hand in hand with the world in the upcoming phase of digital revolution. With the creation of Bitcoin in 2008 till present date, cryptocurrencies have gained much significance all around the world.

Will cryptocurrencies have a negative impact on the global economy?

Some claim that cryptocurrency will have a detrimental influence on the global economy, whereas others believe that it would improve it. The legitimacy of cryptocurrencies in India has been a bit hazy so far. The country does, in fact, have a thriving blockchain market that has been there for at least five years.