What is crypto Twitter and how to use it?

Whether you are looking for educational content, top-notch memes, or the latest cryptocurrency developments, CT ( Crypto Twitter) is the place to go. There, you can find intellectual discussions by top blockchain developers, satirical price predictions aiming for the moon, and mass high-profile account hacks running giveaway scams.

How did cryptocurrency exchanges get hacked on Twitter?

But before compromising those accounts, the hackers targeted the Twitter accounts of popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase Inc., Gemini Trust Company LLC and Binance Holdings Ltd. In this case, the attackers tweeted a link to a website dubbed "CryptoForHealth," which also promised to double donations made to a crypto wallet.

What is the Twitter bitcoin scam?

The Bitcoin scam that hackers deployed while breaking into the Twitter Inc. accounts of political leaders and business titans last week closely resembles similar schemes used previously on YouTube.

Who is the credible Crypto and why should you care?

The Credible Crypto is a popular technical trader who provides chart analyses of BTC and various altcoins. He called the Bitcoin in March 2019 when it hit the $3k range, and is always looking to catch the next big move.