Can I convert my washer and dryer to coin operated?

If you have domestic washer and dryer we can help you convert them to coin operated. No need to buy heavy and expensive commercial washer. You can even use your old domestic washer and dryer. Some of our clients buy a pair of used laundry machines for $300 a pair and use our coin controlled panel.

How to install a washer and dryer conversion kit?

I bought the washer and dryer conversion kit for my domestic appliances. So simple to install. Just hang the unit on the wall and plugged the appliance in the box. Had these boxes for 6 months.

What setting should I set the coin timer on my washing machine?

So you must set our timer at the longest setting to accommodate the machine. Those that are clever will try to run two short cycle on the coin timer and if they take too long between loads, our timer will cut off too soon, leaving a tub full of dirty rinse water.

Can I plug a washer and dryer in an ecw682 kit?

You will need an EDC137 (dryer) and ECW682 (washer). 5. I have a 120V washer and 120V gas dryer, can I use just the ECW682 (washer kit) and plug both washer and dryer in it? Not exactly. Modern washer draw average 10A and gas dryer average 6.5A. If you add both you will have 10A + 6.5A = 16.5 which exceeds the capacity of the EDC682 which is 15A.