Does 13 Coins restaurant offer delivery or takeout?

Yes, 13 Coins Restaurant offers both delivery and takeout. What forms of payment are accepted? 13 Coins Restaurant accepts credit cards.

Is 1313 coins a good place to stay?

13 Coins was ok. We had a couple of drinks here out first night at the hotel. Neither of them were very good, but quite highly priced. The second night of our stay we ordered food to go and that was a total mess. No one knew "who" had my order, who took it, where to wait for it to come out.

What is the dress code at 13 coins?

"13 Coins Restaurant is open for take out and delivery via DoorDash." I know they are known for breakfast but how's the dinner foods? Delish! What is basic dress attire for this restaurant? It's casual to business smart. Jeans and a nice shirt would be fine.

What can you buy with 13 coins?

Make 13 Coins your go-to for any meal of the day (or night!) with a dazzling array of breakfast, lunch and dinner items.