What is crypto World 2021?

EDUCATION focused, Crypto World 2021 is a global crypto conference bringing together the world to learn, engage, and take part in a once in a century disruptive advancement in technology and finance. Crypto World 2021 will be held on November 10th & 11th and is a dual track conference.

What happened to cryptocurrency?

For crypto enthusiasts, it was full of surprises. The growing interest in digital assets saw the first nation state adopting Bitcoin as legal tender, dog coins taking center stage as retail joined the market, and major pop artists rushing to get to grips with Ethereum to mint their first NFTs.

What happened to NFTS in 2021?

Early in 2021, there was Beeple’s historic Christie’s sale, while major pop artists like Grimes and Kings of Leon announced their own collections of non-fungibles on Ethereum. As NFTs started to appear everywhere, so did the questionable criticisms from crypto skeptics.

Is China going to ban crypto trading?

Following on in June, China’s central bank called for a crypto trading ban in the country, prohibiting its account holders from interacting with crypto trading platforms. Although the announcement was later removed, many saw the writing on the wall, expecting more extreme measures from the Chinese government in the future.