Sci-fi NFT comic book project sets the stage for development of CCG

It is the year 2142. The last Bitcoin (BTC) is mined, and Satoshi Nakamoto's wallet, which has been dormant for a long time, is brought back to life and used to break corporations' control over a dystopian future. When entheogen spirits, angels, and demons fight each other and AI fights AI to free conscious entities in the Metaverse, it causes chaos in the real, virtual, and astral worlds.

This is the set-up for a comic book project based on nonfungible tokens (NFT) that is being led by a group of ambitious former game developers from Serbia. The Web3 platform combines the ever-popular collectibility of comic books with the world of NFTs to set up the lore of a virtual tabletop RPG board game that is in pre-production.

In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, Duan ica, CEO and COO of 2142, goes right into the idea behind the project. ica worked as a copywriter and advertising director for 11 years. For the past seven years, he has been making video games, and the idea for 2142 came to him in late 2021.

Frustrated by the number of copycat collections in the NFT space, his team came up with the idea of a GameFi comic book in which users mint, collect, and compile panels and pages of the 2142 AD comic book series, starting with the first volume, and then join a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to help decide how the story goes and how it ends.

Cointelegraph looked at the Web3 website to start making the first edition of the 2142 comic book and putting it together. When users pay for gas, they get a small group of random, free NFTs. These are the first pieces of the comic book puzzle.

As Žica explains, users would need to purchase a total of 15 to 20 bundles to complete the first 34-page comic issue. These bundles might give a user two of the same panels or pages, but the ERC-20 NFTs can be bought and sold on 2142’s proprietary NFT marketplace as well as platforms like OpenSea, enabling collectors to complete comics.

The first issue of 2142 AD will also feature randomized cover pages, adding to the unique collectibility of the comic books, which is minted into a complete, single NFT on completion:

“We’ve got different covers, which are based on random models, different characters and combinations. When you burn the whole collection of panels, you get one NFT issue. The issue should have inherent value because of that rarity.”

Comic collectors who have been doing this for a while are used to spending anywhere from tens to hundreds of dollars on the latest copy or a rare issue of one of their favorite comics. One bundle of 21 NFTs will cost around $30, and users will need to buy at least 15 bundles to get an airdrop of a character, location, and item from the 2142 universe that can be used to make new five-page webcomics based on the user's choices.

“In this way, we are actually decentralizing and randomizing world-building, it’s a new concept, and we’re not aware of anyone doing that,” Žica said.

These characters, locations and items essentially form part of the pre-production of the team’s long-term goal of creating a collectible card video game and tabletop RPG in the mold of Cyberpunk 2020, Kult and The World of Darkness. Žica said that the real value of the NFT intellectual property will be realized and executed in a video game.

“We’re in the process of pre-production of a CCG video game, as we all come from video game production backgrounds. It’s going to be a huge part of the pre-production, it can help us grow our community and enhance our world-building.”

The 2142 team also didn't want to attract NFT "flippers," or people who buy new digital collectibles with the hope of making a lot of money.

ica said that their Ethereum-based NFTs would be available on platforms like OpenSea, just like Reddit's collectible NFT avatars were listed on the popular marketplace and sold for a premium.

The project overview says that 2142 DAO members will get a cut of the money made from the tabletop RPG, CCG video game, and animated series that are being made.