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Sky Mavis, the creator of the groundbreaking non-fungible token (NFT) project Axie Infinity, is set to release its highly anticipated Axie Infinity: Origins card game on the Apple App Store, targeting the game's most popular markets. Previously, the game was only accessible in limited regions through the Google Play store and the company's Mavis Hub platform.

The card-based strategy game, offering players complimentary non-NFT "starter" characters, will initially debut on the Apple store in Latin America and Asia, encompassing countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. With 1.5 million installations across multiple platforms, the game aims to further expand its reach by targeting Google and Apple mobile users worldwide.

Sky Mavis is introducing Mavis Market, an exclusive NFT marketplace driven by their native Ronin blockchain. Starting Wednesday, select collectibles from third-party game or dapp developers utilizing Ronin will be accessible on the marketplace. Additionally, the company has intentions to launch a merchandise store.

“Sky Mavis remains committed to our vision of a player-owner digital nation and is excited to work with app stores to open our ecosystem to a new generation of Lunacians,” said Sky Mavis CEO Trung Nguyen.

Axie Infinity has diligently recovered from a significant $625 million hack in the previous year by implementing comprehensive improvements to Ronin's fundamental systems in March. These enhancements have resulted in a more decentralized and secure network. Furthermore, the company has formed strategic partnerships with esteemed game development studios such as Tribes Studio, Bali Games, Directive Games, and These collaborations aim to expand the Axie Infinity universe, granting selected games the opportunity to incorporate the Axie intellectual property (IP).