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Immutable, the web3 gaming platform, has just revealed its initiation of public testing for a novel layer-2 blockchain known as Immutable zkEVM. This strategic move aims to decrease reliance on a solitary network infrastructure.

The zkEVM stands as a zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup, a scalability solution designed to lower gas fees and enhance transaction throughput. It seamlessly aligns with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, enabling developers interested in creating web3 games to effortlessly transfer their current smart contracts from Ethereum to Immutable's zkEVM testnet without encountering any disruptions.

Immutable has constructed the zkEVM using Polygon's Supernets, a framework created to simplify the process of launching specialized blockchains for various applications.

In addition to Immutable X, there's another exciting development in the pipeline. It's a validium constructed using StarkNet technology, and it's worth noting that L2Beat's website has ranked it as the seventh most significant layer-2 project.

“Our goal is to provide game developers with optionality and flexibility in order to decrease the risk of committing to one infrastructure partner,” said a spokesperson with Immutable in an email to CoinCryptoUs.