How much is a 24k gold Quarter worth?

1999 US Statehood Quarters 24K GOLD PLATED - 5-Coin Complete Set - with Capsules & COA $16.95

Is the American gold buffalo the first 24-karat gold coin?

Though many other 24-karat gold products have since been introduced by the United States Mint, the American Gold Buffalo remains the first in mint history to feature such stunning gold content. Learn more about the history of the American Gold Buffalo, one of the many gold coins for sale through JM Bullion.

What does NGC certified Gold Buffalo coins mean?

Certification from the NGC or the PCGS, the world’s preeminent authorities on coin certification, adds inherent value to the American Gold Buffalo coins you are considering for purchase. For those who are new to the precious metals industry, certified coinage often comes with terms that are unfamiliar.

When did the US stop making 22-karat gold coins?

Beginning in 1833, the US moved away from the so-called crown gold alloy content (22-karat gold) and struck its last gold coin with such purity by 1837. It wasn’t until the introduction of the American Gold Eagle in 1986 that the US broke that mold and struck a 22-karat gold coin again.