What kind of coin is the Indian Head $2?

1925 Indian Head $2.50 Gold Coin. The Indian Head $2.50 Gold Coin returned to production in 1925 after a 10 year hiatus. Designed by Bela Lyon Pratt the Indian Head $2.50 Gold Coin was one of only two U.S. coin issues to feature an incuse design, the other being the Indian Head half eagle, also designed by Pratt.

What does the $10 Indian Head Gold Eagle look like?

The obverse of the $10 Indian Head Gold Eagle features Lady Liberty adorned in a full Indian war bonnet with feathers. Thirteen stars ring the top edge of the coin and the date is shown below. The reverse depicts a majestic perched eagle with "United States of America" above and "Ten Dollars" below.

What are the best books about Indian gold coins?

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