What is a 3D challenge coin?

This 3D challenge coin showcases how an otherwise simple design can be transformed into something special. Creating a 3D challenge coin is one of the best ways to make larger than life artwork, and when you put a 3D design on an oversized 3" coin like this, you're sure to make a lasting impression.

Why are custom challenge coins so expensive?

What you gain in these 3D designs, however, can sometimes be lost in color options available in your coin design. And considering the increased amount of materials that go into the creation of these custom challenge coins, the cost is also slightly increased.

How do I design my own challenge coins?

Design Your Own Challenge Coins -- Four Easy Steps Step 1. Anything you can provide us with that will help us in the design of your coins is helpful! Napkin sketches,... Step 2. CHOOSE YOUR SHAPE We can produce coins in virtually any shape, with no additional fees for custom shapes. Step 3. CHOOSE A ...

What kind of coin is the Desert Knights Army challenge coin?

This Desert Knights Army challenge coin makes great use of a 3D coin mold to get as much unique detail as possible. This 3D challenge coin even makes use of glow in the dark enamel for the knights eyes!