What are the best crypto gaming guilds to join?

Another interesting crypto gaming guild is Merit Circle. At the time of writing, MC already has 3,750 gamers. It also offers a total of 30 games to play. The profit split is currently at 70/30, which means the guild takes 30% of the earnings, while the player keeps the rest.

What is a crypto Guild?

Crypto guilds solve the barrier to entry by providing the assets needed for players to get started in a particular game. Depending on the guild size and available capital, crypto guilds amass a sizeable number of digital assets for a number of different games, and then develop “Scholarship Programs” for interested players (scholars) to join.

What is Ygg crypto gaming?

YGG is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and has adopted the name “Guild of Guilds” as the pioneer of crypto gaming guilds since it encompasses many of the other prominent gaming guilds in the area. As of January 2022, YGG had raised a total of $28.4 million in five rounds of investment.

What is a Gaming Guild?

In a general sense, a gaming guild is a group of game players who support each other in-game and out of the game, as a community. They are an alliance in the game space and are also referred to as “clans.” The traditional concept of gaming guilds has recently extended to play-to-earn games.